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Mass and Vespers

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Liber Usualis With English Translations (Solesmes) • “Mass and Vespers” (Solesmes Abbey, 1957) Corpus Christi Watershed ˇ March 19, 2013

OCTOR WILLIAM MAHRT, an outstanding scholar of chant, has provided us all with a tremendous gift: the famous Solesmes “Liber Usualis” with English translations! The technical title is “Mass and Vespers with Gregorian Chant” (1957). Some call it simply “1957 Mass & Vespers.” It is slightly different from what most people refer to when they talk about the Liber Usualis (“useful book”). Then again, in 1913 the “Liber usualis” referred to the Antiphonale—so we needn’t be more strict than the printer!

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Mass and Vespers